Rand Paul Stands Firm On Halting Government Spending Increase


Senator Rand Paul

To avoid yet another government shutdown, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders have collaborated on a new spending bill. This bill would have replace the spending bill set to expire on Friday, February 9th.

With such diametrically-opposed views, Democrats and Republicans in Congress appear to be encountering the issue of how much and where to distribute government spending more and more often. The party lines of where to spend money are often incongruous, with too many places to spend and not enough money. However, many politicians on both sides seem to be interested in increasing the overall amount being spent.

The new bill conspicuously ignores the hot-button budget issues, such as how or if to fund illegal immigrant families, but calls for an extra 500 Billion dollars in overall government spending, as well as a nearly $300 Billion increase in the federal spending limit—the biggest increase in almost ten years.

The Treasury already predicted several days earlier it would borrow some 1 trillion dollars in the 2018 fiscal year.

As a compromise, however, both sides are losing on key issues. Small-government conservatives are not likely to support such a radical expansion of government programs and budget. Alabama Representative and Freedom Caucus member Mo Brooks denounced his fellow Republicans for supporting “big spending” and “big government.’

On the left side, Democrats have been demanding DACA recipients—illegal immigrant children and families who finish school and do not break any other laws—continue to receive financial support. Such illegal immigrant "rights" have been a cornerstone of the American liberal platform. Representative Nancy Pelosi declared she would never support a bill that does not include DACA funding.

Unless the US government can agree to use its funds more efficiently, cut back on bureaucracy and agree on a common direction in Congress, there will only be more gridlock, debt, and shutdowns.

Senator Rand Paul decided that he would not stand for such drastic increases in spending, especially when there is currently a national debt crisis. Senator Paul often references the problem with bipartisan agreements being that both sides agree to increase spending to an extent for their own interests, resulting in a perpetually growing net increase in government spending. Senator Paul had decided not to cast his vote for this bill, which has resulted in a government shutdown.

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