Facebook Set To Censor Conservative/ Libertarian Publishers


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It's no secret that websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are notorious for censoring conservative views. Recently Facebook has become more open about how exactly they allow traffic on their website and what content they allow, and what they are going to allow into the future. Facebook says they will censor content that they don’t believe to be “trustworthy” or things that they consider “clickbait." They will also go after news sources that they consider to be “low quality”. What does this mean for conservatives on Facebook?

Facebook says that it will now evaluate public polls about news outlets. In addition, they will evaluate whether readers are willing to pay for news from particular websites. It is not yet known how Facebook will deem publications trustworthy but, with their track record of censoring conservative content, it seems very likely who will be targeted. This new plan gives Facebook even more control over censorship than ever before. This means Facebook will push harder against content that does not match their ideology and promote content that does.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook has not made a final decision regarding this plan and may even decide to end it. The Financial Times reported that Facebook will begin implementing their new plan very soon according to people from Facebook. One publisher said “Zuckerberg has finally realized that not all news is equal” in response to Facebook’s new plan. News sites such as the one that this publisher owns obviously stand benefit drastically from this change putting them at the top of Facebook's priority list.

Facebook’s new changes will undoubtedly infuriate many news sites who post content on Facebook every day in order to inform their audience. Facebook claims they want to make their website a place for “personal sharing” and “in-depth discussions” when in reality these new rules grant themselves more power to censor material from organizations whose ideologies do not match their ideology, (rather than any objective measurement of credibility). Conservatives undoubtedly are going to be hit hardest by these changes, drastically reducing the amount of philosophical diversity within Facebook, in a strange effort to preserve a certain ideological homogeneity.

Every day conservative views are censored on Facebook, whether it be a right-wing news outlet, or someone creating a Pro-Trump post, Facebook is censoring content that it does not prefer. Mark Zuckerberg has been an outspoken advocate against the conservative cause throughout the years on his website. New rules such as these generate further demand for many to create new social media platforms that will allow conservative views, liberal views, and all other viewpoints without any censorship based on political convictions. Many of these websites have already come into existence, such as Steemit, Minds, and Dtube (which are decentralized as well).

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