Sex and Sarcasm

Matthias Carroll 2/13/17

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This evening I had the pleasure of conversation with a group of people, about half of whom were previously unfamiliar to me. In the course of the evening’s festivities we had a few drinks and continued our connections down at the pool for further discussion. During said discussion, one young lady cited the statistic that one in four women would be sexually assaulted. Unconsciously, I laughed aloud. The woman in question didn’t find the topic humorous, and neither do I. The comical, unfortunately aspect is that people actually believe this. The number is higher than the Rwandan genocide, which quickly became in international aid issue because rape was so very prolific. My main contention is that a statistic is only as accurate as the criteria from whence it originates. Take, for example, the wage-gap statistic. I would like to stress that this statistic, that women earn seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man earns, is not erroneous, it is simply not descriptive. The number was collated/tabulated by taking the earnings of full-time working females over full-time working males (which proportional populations). The obvious fault is that ‘full-time’ is slightly ambiguous, men tend to work six hours a week longer than females. Then there is the issue that men stay at a job x years longer than females. Ultimately the nail in this coffin is that men dominate the most dangerous, high-paying fields. Men comprise 96 percent of sewage and waste refuge, underwater welding, offshore fishing, etc. Women dominate the ten lowest paying occupations such as education, etc. Anyone with academic integrity knows this statistic does not provide a fair comparison. Yet, every four years, it is cited as irrefutable evidence of sexual discrimination from a politician seeking to hold office. .

         Throughout this repartee I attempted to be cordial, this lady was obviously adamant in her beliefs and a great deal of other people had input to share. Having been exposed to this statistic before, and being myself an incredulous person, I had previously researched the criteria which produced such an astronomical figure. The figure, coming from a study by BLANK, qualifies sexual assault by such lax standards as ‘being offered a drink’. The numbers are grossly inflated. I made it a point to indicate this does not excuse the issue. If the number were really one in five it would be no cause for celebration. I simply believe people, in this case women particularly, are best served by descriptive, accurate statements-not hype and hysteria. I have heard it said this inflated figure detracts or cheapens the experience of those who survive and are forced to deal with the trauma of such a scenario. I do not believe rape is some jejune, casual circumstance as to be discounted by more people having endured it. However, these studies do influence our behavior, our outlook on life..

         Amidst the debate some interjected anecdotal evidences, attempting to draw conclusions based on their limited knowledge of events. Anecdote is the weakest evidence because the opponent simply has to proffer an example to the contrary. Statistics are designed to bring quantitative evidence to experience, but when the basis is bias these statistics lead to inaccuracies. Examples serve well to illustrate a point, statistics too are a benefit, but when these are predicated upon a lie you cannot expect the result to be anything but misguided.

         n the age of information, ignorance is a choice. People believe information such as this because they are trained to respect (to a servile degree) authority. I dare say every person who has undergone indoctrination at a liberal arts university has been berated by such factual inaccuracies. Male rape/sexual assault is disproportionately high. C. G. Jung: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

Three manifestations of liberty

         Liberty is comprised of three distinct parts, all being dependent on the principle of self-ownership and autonomy. Property-which is the manifestation of the liberty of your past: the result of the work you once enacted. Freedom-which is the liberty of the present: the capacity to work or to be slothful, to bear fruit or to die. Lastly Life-which is the liberty of the future, without it one cannot exercise further freedoms or actions.

To Disarm is to Distrust

         Having established that politicians of many loyalties and creeds use the powers invested in them by the constitution to decree laws upon citizens which themselves are contrary to aforementioned covenant, it remains now to discuss the implementation of said laws. Most recognize these despots by their fruits, yet when it’s suggested the strong arm of these rulers-namely the police force and various agencies-used to implement these laws are themselves traitors, cries of defamation and slander ensue. This can be illustrated best by captian blank of the Spokane police department. Upon being questioned why the department needed a military-surplus MineResistantAmbustProtected tank he replied, “Well there are a lot of Constitutionalists around these parts.” The chief issue I have with his response is that he is supposed to be a constitutionalist; after all, he swore an oath to affirm and uphold the covenant made by our government to this people.

         Each of us is on a journey, though we know not where. To our left and right lie similar beings- too removed for contact, but not to critique and compare. We traverse the trail in style, in a house, or sometimes a car. We think not of our beginning; we haven’t gotten very far. Some race ahead, as the tortoise and the hare, some are burdened, to most it’s unfair. We eat fast, drive fast, live fast; we die all the same. Both parents are working, no time to waste on games. We do our best, to secure our vittles, the music rises, though not from our fiddles. Our earnings are valued! Our labors! Our toil! We’re contented with respite, and aluminum foil.

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