GOP Trailing In Congressional Polling, What Can Be Done?


Congressional Republicans

Since 2014, Republicans have controlled the house and the Senate but, recent polls indicate that their control may come to an end. The current polls via RealClearPolitics give the Democrats a plus 11 percent advantage in the upcoming congressional races as of January 16th, 2018. The polls show Republicans at 37 percent and Democrats at 48 percent. If Republicans do not act fast they will lose the house and potentially even the Senate before it’s too late. Why are the poll numbers for Republicans so far down? How can Republicans shift the polls in their favor?

Roy Moore’s situation in the Alabama Senate race significantly hurt Republicans in popularity. Roy Moore was already an unpopular candidate for people not completely on the right but, after questionable allegations of sexual misconduct with minors broke out he plummeted in the polls. Judge Moore did a terrible job of defending himself by providing relatively weak comebacks. Also, Judge Moore tried to blame the allegations on the media going after him to help Doug Jones. Roy Moore was so unpopular that he lost an election in a state that had not elected a Democrat since 1992. President Trump and the GOP coming out and supporting Judge Moore helped to bring down the popularity of the party. The support for Judge Moore gave the image that the party does not care about who is running, so long as he or she votes in line with them.

Along with Judge Moore’s situation, The clash between the media and President Trump been the other cause for the decline in poll numbers. Whenever President Trump sends out a tweet the media goes for it like a dog to a bone. News outlets such as CNN and MSNBC take his tweets and rhetoric and try to make it sound as nasty and as cold-hearted as possible. For example, When the famous s***hole comments came out, the media went straight to slandering the President as much as possible by labeling him as a racist and using the profanity openly. Many people see this slandering and get a negative view of the President. The average person sitting somewhere watching CNN playing hears only one side of the story, and unfortunately they obtain a negative image of the President.

With the Poll numbers for Republicans falling in congressional elections, they must act quickly, should they wish to retain the House and Senate. While the numbers do not look optimistic for the party, there are some things that can be done to help bring up poll numbers for Republicans. First of all President Trump must refrain from tweeting about trivial matters, such as starting a Twitter war with Lavar Ball. Many of President Trump’s policies have been viewed very positively. Policies such as tax reform and cutting government regulation have been extremely successful. However, when the media is given the opportunity to slander The President, these positive policy changes are overshadowed. Also, President Trump and the GOP must not back candidates who are not "clean." For example, Joe Arpaio is running for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat in Arizona. President Trump and the GOP must refrain from endorsing him or else the poll numbers will continue to fall, as Arpaio is extremely toxic as a candidate from a popularity perspective. If The GOP led Congress can pass more of the President's agenda, and people begin to feel the positive externalities of such policies than we could see a major rise in poll numbers Prior to the 2018 midterms.

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