President Trump Tweets Support For Sen. Paul's Pakistan Bill

Senator Rand Paul

President Trump’s first 2018 tweet was a stinging attack on Pakistan. He accused the country of giving terrorists a “safe haven” and said we have “foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years”.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul responded by voicing his support for the President's statements saying he “couldn’t agree more”.

Senator Paul later released a string of tweets showing his past statements on the Senate floor criticizing our relationship with Pakistan, highlighting his consistency on the issue.

Senator Paul then took a big step forward on January 4th announcing in a video his intention to introduce a bill to “end aid to Pakistan”

It is not entirely surprising that President Trump publicly endorsed the bill, which makes sense considering the Presidents well-known rhetoric about putting America’s interests before other nations' interests.

If Senator Paul’s bill is able to pass with the President’s support, it would signify a clear shift in American foreign policy, shifting the focus from Internationalism to some form of Nationalism, or as the Trump people call it #Americafirst. The bill is largely symbolic, but could strengthen the Trump/Paul alliance, allowing the Nationalist, Conservative and Liberty factions of the GOP to put their differences aside and unite against the Democrats and Moderate Republicans. This sets the right tone for the GOP going into 2018, which is an election year that the Republicans must be wary of. If the Republican party were to band together effectively in the way that the Democratic party has historically been able to, then elections would become far less difficult, resulting in a net benefit for all of the various ideologies within the GOP.

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